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Buying a home should be like it is when one buys a car. The car manufacturer posts the accessories, the benefits, the warranties and even the mileage per gallon in the car’s window, for the buyer’s use.  Wouldn’t it be nice if General Contractors did the same for their homes? 

Well, the time has come… and as a homebuilder in Lynchburg, VA, CS Custom Structures leading the way with their energy efficient, smarter performance, Next Generation Homes.  Using the U. S. Department of Energy’s performance scale, our Next Generation Homes showcase the estimated annual energy usage as well as the estimated monthly costs for gas and electric consumption. 

To use the U.S. Department of Energy’s performance scale, we certify the thermal barrier of the home and with our Next Generation Homes exceeding local code requirements, the buyer will be able to compare an average home, designed to code verses our Next Generation Homes.  To date our Next Generation Homes have proven to be between 40 and 50 percent more energy efficient than a standard house that meets local code criteria for energy use.

Next Generation Homes – Built for Tomorrow’s Generation Today

energy-scale.pngFeatures and Benefits

Starting at $179k and offer the following as standard features:

•    On site recycling of construction waste
•    Hydronic radiant flooring
•    50% more insulation around envelope 
•    Radon migration 
•    Carbon Monoxide detection
•    VOC free materials
•    Improved indoor air quality
•    Low maint. exterior materials
•    Custom interior features
•    Low flow faucets
•    Programmable thermostats
•    Minimum 15 seer heat pumps
•    Energy efficient windows & doors
•    Energy Star fixtures


comp-chart.png Comparison Chart
spec-chart.png Spec Sheet

Next Generation Homes is CS Custom Structures response to protecting the environment, saving energy, saving our clients money and being better stewards of our resources.  

Next Generation Homes represent “green” principles including proper site selection, building orientation, landscaping with native plants, & water collection/reuse systems. Additional green principals provided by Next Generation Homes include water efficiency, optimization of energy performance, the use of local materials, environmentally preferred products, improved indoor air quality and exceptional energy saving systems and practices. Let us be your Next Generation home builder in Lynchburg, VA. 

A Perfect Balance

These homes are pre-designed by our team of designers and architects to become a perfect balance of proper design and exceptional performance.  We can build on your property or we can work with you to find a property that fits your lifestyle.  If we do not have a house plan that suits your desires, we can easily modify an existing plan or design one from scratch to meet your expectations.

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