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Architectural Design

Many of our clients have difficulty visualizing how something will look when completed.  That’s where Custom Structures, Inc. excels in meeting our client’s expectations.  We offer many different forms of visual images such as hand sketches, computer aided drafting (CAD), renderings and 3D modeling where our clients can walk through their project and see exactly how the interior will look from the floor to the ceiling.  Our Professional Architects in Lynchburg, VA are licensed to perform all design aspects from new construction, renovation and additions and even modifying existing drawings.  For those who already have a General Contractor selected for their project, CS Custom Structures, Inc. has worked with many clients to achieve their design goals.  We also offer Construction Administration to ensure that the design is being implemented in the field.

In addition to Full Architectural Services for New Construction, Additions and Renovations, CS Custom Structures, Inc. also provides the following services to meet your needs:

•    Programming
•    Concepts
•    Interior and Exterior Finishes
•    Master Planning
•    Construction Documents
•    Historic Rehabilitation
•    Facilities Assessment
•    3-D Modeling
•    Renderings

•    Space Needs Studies

The Design Process

Step 1.    Programming is the first step in the design process.  We pride ourselves on being good listeners.  Sitting down with a client to grasp their expectations and to create a desired vision.  Once this information has been collected we recommend presenting concepts.

Step 2.    Concepts are hand sketches that create a visional interpretation of our client’s desires for their project.  This process is usually a set flat-fee with no obligation to the client to continue into the next phase. 

Step 3.    Construction Documents are the final phase of the primary design process.  We create computer aided drawings (CAD) to ensure our client’s project is built to the design standards we have implemented and are in accordance with National, State and Local building codes to ensure proper techniques as well as safety and health regulations.  One unique approach we include in our design process is called an Interactive Design Session.  This session is where we have our architect, designer, & CAD station available to walk the client through their project.  This walk-through allows all parties to communicate & make modifications if desired at the click of a button.  This has proven to be an extremely valuable asset and helps to eliminate repetitive meetings.  

*While ninety five percent of our projects are designed in CAD format, we do offer hand drawn construction documents for special projects looking to replicate the past.

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