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Our architects and designers are known for their creative design talents.

As an architectural firm, we have provided design services to clients wishing to add an addition, renovate their existing properties, or build a complete new residence from the ground up. There have even been instances in which our clients have requested complete facelifts to their homes for the purpose of improving curb appeal and property value.

We are also familiar with historic properties and the need to retain the historic fabric of those properties during the restorations.

We at CS Custom Structures, Inc. are extremely proud of the diverse construction experience we have. Whether your new home is to be an authentic replication of a Colonial Williamsburg icon, a sleek contemporary, a timber-frame or a house that has a hint of old world charm, CS Custom Structures, Inc. stands poised to undertake your design and construction needs as a homebuilder in Lynchburg, VA.

Not all of our construction projects are from designs that our architectural staff have developed. We also bid and build construction projects from plans that clients have purchased from plan magazines. Building a custom home that was designed solely around a client’s needs is a very rewarding experience.

Perhaps the most enjoyable experience occurs when the walls first go up and our clients are able to walk from room to room envisioning their future in their new home. Hearing them talk about where family heirlooms will be placed or watching them reflect on how light enters a room makes our job so very special.

Later, when the drywall is up and the cabinets are in place, we can work with the homeowner or arrange for an interior designer to meet with them to assist in the selection of paint colors, hardwood flooring, carpet shades, fabrics, tile, countertops, light fixtures and more.

Allow us to be your homebuilder in Lynchburg, VA. At CS Custom Structures, Inc. our goal is to make the construction process an enjoyable experience. Whether building a new home, renovating an existing residence or adding onto a current residence we will be there with you to assist or to lead.

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